Great wrap up to your first year of writing Product Party ! Iā€™d enjoy articles on specific product challenges in depth and articles on your experiments. Looking forward to your next article!

Thank you for the shout out and collaboration this past year. You have referred many subscribers to Product Management IRL!

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Thank you, Mike, for the fantastic content during the year!

We recommend one another's publications for a reason. It's great see you in such a positive mood. Keep up the good work!

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This is so inspiring, Mike! Thanks for being transparent and sharing your experience so all of us can learn from it. This is something I've always loved about Product Party! šŸš€

Thank you so much for the mention šŸ™, I've learned a lot from your experience too and I expect we continue with this collaboration for more years.

To answer "Are there any topics you would love to read more about?", I'm interested in how to manage up, specially in a big org with an unclear hierarchy. This topic is currently an opportunity to me.

Lovely picture, enjoy your family and can't wait to read your content next year!

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