Product Templates

The success of great products is attributed to exceptional product managers who drive big ideas, bring them to life, and guide them once deployed.

Below are four Pillars of Product Management, along with links that will bring you to use templates and presentations that support the idea.

1. Stick with the problem.

To be successful in product management, you must identify the problem the product will solve, understand stakeholders' needs, and empathize with end-users. Then, communicate the vision throughout the company so everyone is focused on solving customer problems for successful product execution.

  1. Hypothesis prioritization canvas - Template

  2. Lean UX Canvas - Template

  3. Customer Interview - Template

2. Protect all perspectives.

Product managers must create harmony among all perspectives, including design, engineering, and business operations, to find the right balance, leading to tools that customers want and improving business. Don't neglect engineers, as they are also users and can be a rich resource for problem-solving.

  1. Product Templates Curriculum by Matt Mochary

3. Try and try again.

As a product manager, it's crucial to experiment, learn from failure, and use data analytics and A/B testing tools to adjust the product. Speed is essential, and you should embrace failure as the only way to learn and improve the product.

  1. A/B Testing by Yammer (Microsoft) Product Manager via Product School

4. Think big picture.

As a product manager, create a culture that celebrates business outcomes, not just outputs—balance winning moments with urgency to refine, ship, and improve the product. Focus on broad business goals and strategy while moving the product forward. Product management can serve as a robust training base for various organizational roles.

  1. Business Model Canvas

  2. Lean Canvas

  3. Value Proposition Canvas

  4. Porter’s Five Forces

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